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Nathan Star Technical Services in Dubai, UAE

Total customer satisfaction through quality products by doing things right first time – every time. Ensure quality, quantity and adherence to timely supplies for achieving customer satisfaction. Strive to achieve excellence in quality through training motivation, team work and continuous up gradation of technology. To provide quality products and services this shall reflect satisfied customers.

To consciously build a quality culture through employee participation, motivation and training. To take appropriate steps to minimize wastage, increase productivity and optimize the quality of products and services in a cost effective manner. To strive for an green environment.


Safety is not “just a word” for all of us at NATHAN STAR but it is a way of our everyday life. Lot of emphasis has been and is being given to safety and talking of safety. We are sure you know that NATHAN STAR has a safety policy, a policy that aims to: Design, create and maintain facilities, provide training, establish procedures/ safety rules in all fields and ensure that these are rigidly followed by the employee, the contractors and the visitors inside the premises. Carry out operations in a safe manner protecting people and property.

Comply with the relevant statutory rules and devise appropriate standards in other cases wherever required. Maintain highest standards of vigilance and preparedness to respond to emergencies supplemented with mutual aid of neighboring facilities and government agencies. Create awareness in employees, dealers, contractors, customers and public on safe storage, transportation and handling of products and materials associated with our activities. Ensure awareness among all employees, contractors and others of their responsibilities and accountability for safety on and off their work premises

Program reviews and evaluation to measure progress of compliance with the policy. “Safety” is a term which needs knowledge, practice and preparedness.”Emergency” is a term that needs combat strategy and alertness. To improve the safety in the premises and to avert the emergency, a lot is being done in our locations. Only theory without practice is meaningless. Realizing this, a few of the locations time and again conduct mock drills on disaster management.

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