Fire Fighting and Alarm System

Fire Fighting and Alarm System

Voltronix Contracting LLC offers Dubai-based fire safety engineering and prevention systems such as firefighter, fire extinguisher, firefighting equipment, and other related fire services.

We also cateralarm systems to keep you alter at all times! We have installed our quality fire fighting equipment and alarm systems at several leading projects in the UAE. Also provide fire detection systems, emergency lighting, firefighting pumps, fire safety devices, fire and safety designs, firefighting layouts, fire alarm layout, emergency, and exit lighting layouts, gas extinguishant systems, and radio fire alarm systems.

At VOLTRONIX, also provide the solutions with regards to complete protection for your infrastructure – be it a residential villa; stock warehouses; official buildings; convention centers; retail centers; hotels; etc. Our technicians and engineers are qualified and have professional knowledge. As they help you assess your security risks and work with you to develop the best solution tailored to meet your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All our mobile Fire Fighting equipments in Dubai is equipped solely charged and ready to function. However, our wheeled fire extinguishers with huge capacity might need preliminary filling and charging.
Fire extinguishers are categorized as dangerous waste material and need to be disposed of carefully. Due to the chemicals enclosed inside the cylinder, it cannot just be thrown away or recycled with other products. Therefore, contact your local fire department and ask if you can drop off your fire extinguisher there. If they are not accepting expired tanks, you can go to a hazardous waste disposal facility.
Fire sprinklers are capable of extinguishing fires as soon as they are detectable. They are triggered by heat, therefore, not every sprinkler will be turned on behalf of a single heat source. Only those directly above the flame, where the temperature limit has been reached will be activated. These are linked either to the civil water supply or to an external water source.
Fire extinguishers are mainly classified into 5 different types; Water extinguishers (used for most generic fires), Dry chemical extinguishers, Wet chemical extinguishers (used on fires caused by fat or oils), foam extinguishers, and CO2 extinguishers (used for electrical fires).
The exact amount of fire extinguishers required for each facility differs based on the different configurations and hazard degrees. However, as per the general rule of thumb, you should have no more than 75ft of space between Class A fire extinguishers and no more than 50ft between Class B fire extinguishers
If your establishment spotlights fire sprinklers, then you might require a fire pump. This appliance assures every sprinkler in the facility receives enough water to demolish a fast-paced flare. If the pressure declines, the fire pump turns on automatically to boost the water flow to a sufficient level. Contact us for contemporary fire pump installation services.
Emergency lighting is needed for all means of outlet, including both the exits and routes directing to them. This encompasses stairs established for the emergency exit as well as the hallways, aisles, ramps, escalators, and other corridors that lead to an exit. Contact us for emergency lighting services.
Fire alarms are fundamental because they can provide you a timely warning to something that could be disastrous and save you and your family. A fire alarm can alert you, even when you’re at work or sleeping. If you’re interested in installing a fire alarm system, contact us for our top-notch Fire Fighting And Alarm System Dubai.