Voltronix contracting LLC gives utmost importance to quality management. Offering each Project an accredited from a quality assurance engineer and undertakes the necessary criteria of documentation.

  • We maintain compliance with all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice applicable as per the authorities in Dubai or any other Emirates.
  • We abide by the policies and monitor new developments to continually improve the quality. As well as our own performance standards.
  • We ensure quality as an integral part of the company management and review quality policies annually along with implementing improvements
  • We involve and consult our technicians, engineers, employees, and clients to representatively communicate on quality matters.

Our agenda is customer satisfaction through quality products and offering timely assistance. At Voltronix, we achieve excellence in quality through training, motivation, teamwork, and continuous up-gradation of technology. We provide qualities products and services this cicli drostanolone propionato shall reflect satisfied customers. Moreover, we believe and work towards increase productivity and optimization with the quality of products and services in a cost-effective manner. We also strive for a green environment.


“Quality and safety go-together at VOLTRONIX and is not an act, but a habit”

Safety at VOLTRONIX is a way of our everyday life as we implement safety processes and QA and procedures. We also religiously follow them daily to ensure we have delivered our services to the best possible standard. Lot of emphasis is being given to the safety standards at VOLTRONIX, be it designing, creating or maintaining facilities.

We provide continual training, establish safety rules and procedures at all levels and guarantee that these are rigidly followed by the employee, the contractors, and the visitors inside the premises or an MEP project. Complying with the relevant statutory rules and devise appropriate standards. We work through the highest standards of vigilance and preparedness to respond to emergencies supplemented with mutual aid of neighboring facilities and government agencies.

VOLTRONIX also creates awareness in employees, dealers, contractors, customers, and the public on safe storage, transportation, and handling of products and materials associated with our activities. Ensure awareness among all employees, contractors, and others. Their responsibilities and accountability for safety on and off their work premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it's practical. Early detection of a leakage can not only save your money but also prevent any likely disaster. Therefore, consider having an annual inspection of your building to inspect for leaks or potential problems. Our plumbers are glad to help you out and alert you to any possible situations. Contact us today itself, for our Professional MEP services in Dubai.
In most cases, we can fix the situation very quickly on the exact day. We are best known for our Quality technical services in Dubai. However, some issues require the power company to do work, or it needs certain legal permits or has to conduct an inspection. So, in that case, we have to act with their schedules.
It does not take much longer with a trained professional to troubleshoot a problem. However, it sometimes changes according to circumstances and other factors. In most cases, the antidote to the trouble turns out to be simpler than uncovering the problem.
First, shut off the water and prevent others in the home from using it. Then, clean up any sewage and keep everyone away from the tainted area. Don’t try to use drain cleaner to unclog your sewer line. It won't work and can cause more damage. Once everyone is safe and the clutter is cleared, contact a plumber. They will identify the cause and do accordingly.
Yes, we are always just a call away. Whether you’re in need of a furnace repair in the middle of the night or an AC replacement in the middle of a sunny day, we are always happy to help you.
Every individual and every household always expects a unique comfort appetite. The brink of triggers that impact people’s health and solace combines to decide the adequate solutions. Sometimes, high threshold degrees may only require simple remedies like a favorable air filter. Low threshold levels may only require an air sanctification system for the compression of triggers and irritants. We can help you choose which indoor air improvement commodities are best for you.
Absolutely. We have a team of experts devoted to outdoor lighting. Hence, we can brighten your landscaping, porch, or any other area of your yard with power-efficient LED lighting. Our team is also competent with indoor lighting. We have years of experience with undertakings dealing with recessed, bathroom, kitchen, and specialty lighting.