HVAC Designing & MEP projects

HVAC Designing & MEP projects


Voltronix Contracting LLC is a leading MEP contracting company operating in Dubai offering dedicated services all over UAE. Being the best among MEP construction companies in UAE, our MEP engineers continue to offer dedicated services and work in collaboration with top construction companies in Dubai, UAE.

Our MEP projects in UAE are built with a clear focus on design as we embrace excellence in all its forms – be it quality or deliverance of MEP services in Dubai, UAE. We work out every design keeping your preference and UAE standards in mind. Whether it is MEP for residential in Dubai or commercial as well as industrial properties.

VOLTRONIX is a well-known name and a reliable MEP contractor in UAE, our creative MEP designers and engineers deliver the full spectrum of MEP services in UAE. From environmental designs to lighting designs, from residential assistance to industrial requirements, renewable and sustainable energy solutions – we can get you through! At Voltronix we help you understand the complexity of UAE MEP services; work with new technologies, drive relentless focus towards low energy schemes; and overall build a competitive environment for you!


Voltronix Contracting LLC offers the best air-conditioned environment & mechanical services in Dubai, UAE, and are one of the foremost providers of HVAC system design, HVAC filter, HVAC units, commercial and residential HVAC ductwork design as well as aid with installation and maintenance in UAE. We provide first-rate services throughout Dubai and various other Emirates.

Our HVAC engineers and technicians are efficient in operations and experienced in HVAC designing. Our team also offers a one-stop solution for all HVAC systems, working closely with clients to create a cooling, heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system most suited to their needs. We ensure on maintaining an operative flow of information between designer and installer and fit all types of HVAC systems be it a new structure or existing property. Our practices are accredited by relevant industry associations for quality assurance as well as the important regulatory body of the Emirates.

At Voltronix, we stock quality products from several top manufacturers. As well as provides the leading brands as per your preference.

For more information about any of our MEP services in Dubai, or to view our MEP projects in UAE, HVAC system designs, and installation services in UAE.


Electrical Design:

  • Lighting layout
  • Power Layout Voice & Data Layout
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Substation and LV Panel distribution
  • Load Schedules Plumbing

Plumbing Design:

  • Water Supply Layout
  • Drainage Layout

HVAC Design:

  • AC Layout Exhaust Layout
  • Heat Load Calculation

Fire & Safety Design:

  • Fire Fighting Layout
  • Fire Alarm Layout
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting Layout


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Frequently Asked Questions

To answer that, first you’ll need to make an appointment with our HVAC service experts. We provide the best HVAC Service in Dubai. Our team will come to evaluate your building size, heating and cooling requirements, setting, and plan the task we have to work out. Then, we can propose the ideal system for your building and help install it instantly.
To keep your HVAC system in shape and run efficiently, we suggest a maintenance appointment at least twice a year. This way, our HVAC designing contractors Dubai can check and confirm your filters, housing, wiring, coils, and more are obtaining the most out of your system.
A zoning system is able to make your HVAC system more energy-yielding. With the zoning system, you can deduce rooms that require heat and regulate the temperature throughout the house. Thus, it helps reduce power waste and curtail your energy bill.
your system is less than 10 years old or if your ductwork is the problem and you’ve had regular maintenance conducted on your HVAC unit, then you might only need to pay for a repair. But if your system is more than 10 years old and is starting to show higher energy bills or your HVAC system does not seem to work properly, then you might require an urgent replacement. Contact us for the top-notch HVAC System and Installation Service Dubai.
We suggest you replace your home’s disposable filters every month. If you adopt washable filters, you must wash them monthly. This lends you excellent efficiency and filtration.
Preventive maintenance is another way of HVAC system service that will provide substantially to gear it's function. Regular maintenance guarantees that your commercial HVAC system will operate satisfactorily for as long as possible. It maintains the efficiency of your HVAC device and protects those monthly savings you anticipate from a high-efficiency unity. Nathan Star is one of the most professional and experienced HVAC Companies in Dubai. Contact us for getting the best HVAC services.
First, make sure that your furnace is properly plugged in and receiving electricity. Again, check whether the breakers and disconnects are turned on and the thermostat is set correctly. If your coil is freezed up, we cannot work on it until it dissolves. Therefore, kindly turn off your system at least 3 hours prior to our visit. Our company is known for its best HVAC Designing in Dubai.