Factors to Consider Before Installing a Rooftop Solar Panel

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to decking out their roofs with solar panels. Solar power system has witnessed a series of remarkable evolutions in the latter years. Many of these have benefited to curtail the expense of all those equipment. Installing a rooftop solar panel is thus a great way to produce electricity for your household and business without expanding your influence on the environment.

However, there are numerous aspects that you have to assess before you invest and commence the installation procedure. Knowing these distinct factors entailed in an undertaking like this is very important.

In order to make you feel less squabble, bit annoying and less time-consuming, we have summarized some of the major factors to contemplate before installing rooftop solar panels. If you do proper estimations and learn everything about the product and its specifics, it is more likely that the seller will be able to pick the right product out of every other varied solar panel that is available till now. Contact us for the best Electrical Installation & Maintenance in Dubai.

Here are the top factors to consider before you install those rooftop solar panels.


Amount of energy required to power your house

 Every property uses a distinct quantity of energy relying on what electric appliances they are using and the number of people who are living there and so on. For using a lower quantity of energy you have to purchase limited panels. Therefore, it is extremely significant to understand the average electricity consumption of your building to evaluate how many panels will be enough to transmit electricity. Normally, the mass of a panel relies on two aspects, i.e insolation and the quantity of energy that is mandatory.

Check your electric bills and estimate how much energy you utilise on a typical day and multiply that with 0.25 to understand the suitable size of the system that can produce enough energy for your building.


Understand your Roof Type

This is a relatively significant factor to contemplate if you have decided to install a roof-top solar panel. Since buildings have varied roofs, few of them might not be convenient for immediate installation of solar panels. Though solar panels can be established on almost every kind of roof, it is only in some cases that might need a little more action and extra fees. Some businesses are installing solar panels only on amalgamated shingles and refuse to work on spanish tiles. If your roof is embedded with spanish tiles or ordinary wood piles, you must search for a solar panel specialist who is competent and qualified enough to serve with other categories of roofs as well.


Estimate your Cost Range

One thing that bothers every single person who is about to purchase their solar panel is always the cost range. Since the demand and plants of solar panels are widening each year, it can be extremely confusing to decide which ones are the ideal and affordable ones. However, the cost of solar panels has declined beyond 60 percent since the outset of 2011 and this inclination is quite steady. Also add municipal and other tax values and stipends to your panel price to determine the price.


Decide the Location of Solar Panel

The quantity of direct sunlight is an important aspect that will assess the number and category of panels you have to purchase. Indeed, the major components that influence this are the area you inhabit, tall skyscrapers and the nearby trees. They can very hard impact your panel’s sun exposure. Each different panel has varied responses to shade, a few may curtail the output while some may shut down completely. The further hours your panels will be exposed to direct sunlight, the better effectively they will generate the energy.


Understand your Project length

If you are always an occupied individual, you must understand that the entire procedure of installing solar panels will absorb a bit of your reservation time. The installation and wiring process could often take a few days, weeks or months from the time you accept the contract until you can keep on with the actual installation.


Collect Necessary Permits

Make sure that you read all the relevant information about building permits before installing your rooftop solar panels. Without obtaining a building permit you are liable to get a penalty or will have to redo the whole system. So, if you want to avoid these complications it’s very important to collect all the necessary permits. As building permits are handed out at a regional level you have to confirm that you follow all the rules and regulations under the municipality.


Choose the right company

Look for experts who can provide strong warranties that might last at least 10 years. Check whether they have all the necessary license and aren’t carrying any major complaint. All these details must be freely accessible via the internet. Another thing you can examine is through new and recent client references. Choose us for getting the best Professional MEP services in Dubai.


Keep up with maintenance

To keep your rooftop solar panels properly functioning and maintain your roof in perfect condition, you have to establish favourable maintenance methods.  It’s better to learn more from your contractor about the maintenance procedures before the installation commences.  If you are incapable of matching those maintenance prerequisites, there is a great chance your device will not last as much as you expect it to.



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