Factors to Consider When Buying a Ductless Air Conditioner

Whether you are planning to buy a new air conditioner or to replace an old one, we suggest you consider buying a ductless air conditioner. The ductless air conditioner/ mini-split air conditioner system is made of three important parts: 

  • The indoor unit that releases the cold air
  • The outdoor condenser unit that pumps cold air inside the home
  • The refrigerant cords attach the two parts jointly.

Here are a few factors that you need to consider before purchasing a ductless air conditioner for your household or business :

Size and Power 

The energy used in ductless air conditioning systems is assessed in BTUs. The bigger your area is, the greater the number of BTUs you will require to properly cool down the space. This is vital to contemplate, as more strong units are more costly to purchase and regulate.

Also, be cautious of the installers who size a split AC unit using a rule-of-thumb measure. Because this may result in oversize equipment that’s expensive to regulate and can’t efficiently curtail humidity levels. Instead, urge on a “Manual J” heat-load estimation. It estimates system size based on components such as environment, insulation levels, and sun exposure.

Air Quality 

With a ductless air conditioner, there isn’t a necessity to have a ductwork system installed. Ductwork is infamous for amassing muck and debris over a period. However, with a ductless air conditioner, you get sterile air and can stop worrying about allergies or dirt accumulation in the ducts. Plus, air filters are a basic element across most mini-split varieties. As air passes through the indoor units, these filters eliminate the dust, allergens, and bacteria that may sit on the ductwork of conventional systems. This makes your household much fresher and healthier. Besides, most of these filters are often washable for easy maintenance. So, look for the one which is very convenient for you in these terms.

Ease of Installation – Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioners are less intrusive and can be installed within the day when compared to other air conditioning systems. Also, this category of air conditioner operates on tiny pipes that only need a small hole, so there isn’t a need to break down your walls. However, you need to seek assistance from an HVAC contractor who is skilled in installing ductless vents. Contact us for affordable AC Installation & maintenance Dubai.

Energy Efficiency

If you need to cool down a huge space or more rooms, then the quantity of power you utilize will rise. But if they are energy-efficient, it can curtail energy consumption and decrease your energy bills. So, if you are struggling to pick a ductless air conditioner from multiple models, choose one based on the energy efficiency rating. Every mini-split air conditioner will show the rating in its labels. The bigger the number is, the better the A/C unit will operate with respect to its overall power usage.


One of the doozy characteristics of ductless air conditioning is its simple zoning capacity. Ductless air conditioners allocate cool air to various zones of the building, enabling incredible flexibility and temperature management. While conventional central air conditioners cool down every part of the building including unnecessary areas, ductless air conditioners only cool down certain regions of the household. This is an incredible option if you have people in the building with varied cooling requirements. This can also help you prevent energy wastage by enabling you to customize the temperature of different areas.


Ductless air conditioners normally cost you a little bit more when compared with other conventional air conditioners. Aside from that, there are also expenses in regard to the installation to consider. However, this kind of system operates on less power and saves you money in the long run. If you want a ductless air conditioner that’s strong enough to cool a huge space or want a multi-zone unit that can deal with multiple rooms, you have to pay much more. Likewise, if you are looking for one with a heat pump, that will add more to the price.


A lot of ductless air conditioners utilize the basic 110-120 volt outlet, but a few other massive models need a higher voltage. Therefore, if you have purchased a model that requires a 220 or 240-volt plug, then you need to hire an electrician to upgrade and assure it doesn’t mess up a fuse or induce a fire. This is a significant component to contemplate while purchasing an A/C unit. Also, if you need to save on installation expenses, then you should consider the type of volt outlet the unit imposes.



Ductless air conditioners can help you save your money with low energy bills. Plus, it saves you from the pain of dealing with a sophisticated duct system and helps you stay comfortable in your own household. Even though you have to be inclined to make the upfront purchase, the right type will help you to chill the areas in your house where satisfaction matters most to you at a cheap rate over a period. We are one of the leading MEP Contracting Companies in Dubai. Contact us today for booking a ductless air conditioner consultation!


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