Things that can damage your air conditioner

What is comfort during super hot summer days? We would say that it is absolutely a perfectly cooled home.  For that, we need an air conditioner in the best working condition. Hot and humid days are nothing fun without the AC.

 We really know how your mind goes crazy when the system is not working properly.  The anger and disappointment in its causes are very well understood to us. If you are around Dubai and such a problem persists then contact us to do AC maintenance in Dubai.

Before cursing your AC, let us understand what is wrong with your system. Is it really old to be damaged? What is the real cause of the damage? There are a lot of things for you to inspect and learn before buying a new system or even when upgrading one. Understand these factors that can brutally damage your air conditioner and you will be safe from spending a lot on new equipment or even on spending high electricity bills. 

List of top things that can damage your air conditioner

 Now let us understand the major problems that situate around the sudden damages to the air conditioner. If you find a problem with your system then contact a good electrical company to do AC repair.

 Issues with Low refrigerant  

Do you know that the refrigerant in your air conditioner is used to remove heat and moisture from the indoor air? And so, if a leak in the refrigerant lines strongly develops in your air conditioner, then the system is at a high chance to lose its refrigerant. But you should note that repairing this situation entails more than simply changing the refrigerant. This is because the holes must be found and repaired.

Evaporator coils that are frozen

The evaporator coil in an air conditioner is charged with absorbing heat from the surroundings and also is loaded with refrigerant. This is unusual for you, but these coils need warm air moving around them to function properly. Please note that an ice film forms outside the system If the airflow is disrupted and the evaporator coils grow cold.  In such cases,  you will get warm air or nothing at all.

Condenser coils which are dirty

Your air conditioner’s condenser coils help in venting hot air outside the building. It is difficult for them to work if they are clogged with dirt or filth. If this happens continuously the heat exchange will be prevented. So, this will cause your unit to work harder to perform its job. This results in increased wear and tear of the parts. In the end, your system will fail without any doubt.  

Trouble with fan

Your air conditioner has two fans. One does its job by cooling the air and this is done by blowing it over the evaporator coil.  So, the other one expels the absorbed heat and this is done by blowing air over the condenser. Sometimes these fans fail to function properly. Then you will experience poor airflow and air conditioning issues which are really annoying. Don’t ignore this problem because it can lead to compressor failure. That is sometimes the cause of an air conditioner’s death.

Leaking duct of your air conditioner

Cooled air is carried throughout your area by the ductwork of your central air conditioning system. This runs through your walls. If there are any leaks or breaches in the ducting channels, that cooled air will wind up inside your walls. This will be wasted rather than helping anyone. Not only that, this situation causes your air conditioner to work harder which results in sky-high energy expenditures.

Incorrect thermostat 

If you still have an older dial-type thermostat, it’s possible that it’s been calibrated incorrectly, which means your air conditioner isn’t getting the right instructions to begin with. This problem can be easily resolved by recalibrating the thermostat or upgrading to a newer and better one. Although new programmable thermostats are less susceptible to human error, they can still be programmed wrong. If you have access to your thermostat’s handbook, double-check the instructions to ensure that the settings are accurate. So, if you have access to your thermostat’s handbook, double-check the instructions to ensure that the settings are accurate.

Problems with clogged drains 

Your air conditioner has to remove the moisture it absorbs from the surrounding air. A drain line is an element of your air conditioner that transports excess moisture outside. So, if this drain line becomes clogged, water leaks may occur, causing damage to your walls and furniture. Mould will eventually grow if this problem is not treated. 

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