Find out the reasons why is your AC inefficient?

Everyone in Dubai has an AC installed because it’s a necessity to have one in this scorching hot weather. But have you noticed a sudden hike up in electricity bills even though you have not used your AC much as last year?

We love to use AC on a hot summer day but not the bills. One of the reasons for such bills is the inefficiency of working of AC. We do not recommend you to avoid the situation by wasting money because the equipment is working fine. Ultimately you will spend more money when it breaks down. So prevention is better than cure. Nathan groups are committed to solving all your electric problems in Dubai within clients’ preferred time. Contact us to understand the inefficiency that your AC is facing right now.

The air filter is dirty

One of the most common hcg kopen reasons for the inefficient working AC is the dirty filter. It won’t properly cool if the situation prevails. The dust and dirt accumulated can inhibit the working condition of the thermostat. Also, the cool and warm air gets blocked inside the ducts. The warm air gets stuck inside the room so the AC works overtime to properly cool the surroundings. For more nightmares the evaporator coil freezes, thus preventing the cold air from coming outside from the equipment. With this problem of a dirty filter, you spend a lot of money than expected. For the ultimate solution, contact Nathan groups for AC maintenance in Dubai.

Leakage of ducts

 Check for leakage of ducts because if there is a crack or opening in your ductwork then the cooled air can escape through the ducts. Also, the warm air that is unfiltered gets into your room easily. This makes it difficult for your AC to keep your room cool. Don’t be surprised if your bills are not budget-friendly it is because of unfixed duct leakage. The system overworks and breakdowns at last which is an awful thing. It can also lead to dirt buildup on your equipment. Contact us, Nathan groups can inspect and do maintenance of AC in Dubai immediately We guarantee you to check and seal the leakages professionally.

Thermostat settings are incorrect

Incorrect thermostat setting is one of the reasons why your ac is inefficient. We advise you to turn on “Auto” mode instead of “On” mode for perfect settings. If you set your thermostat lower then more energy is consumed. Always use reasonable and programmable thermostat settings while in the less need for constant usage. In this way, you can conserve a lot of energy. Also please make sure to not place your thermostat near or in direct sunlight. For example, if your equipment is near a door or windows where sunlight hits directly, then it won’t cool properly. So, properly install the device to prevent malfunctioning. Appoint Nathan groups for trusted AC maintenance Dubai.

Broken compressor

A damaged compressor prevents efficient cooling of your room. It is a significant part of its work because it operates the flow of air between the condenser and evaporator. When there is a leak on your equipment coolant then ice build-up happens in your AC. This commonly happens in old devices If you are not replacing coils for a long time then it can also lead to ice build upon the system. So replace it immediately or else it could worsen the situation. The unclean filter also causes ice to appear on the exterior unit. Call in a professional to repair AC in Dubai.

The refrigerant level is low

If the refrigerant level is low then it is a warning signing of the poor working system. No matter what you try the inefficiency continues till you solve the participant’s difficulty. For example, you installed an Air Conditioning system, everything was fine and happy but after some time you found out that the refrigerant level dropped. This means that there is a leak. Spot and repair the leak with the help of technicians.

Damaged motors

Hire knowledgeable technicians, for the accurate selection and employment of motors with the respective equipment. Importantly notice that if the motor is faulty then the outdoor unit will stop working. The cooling ability is hence declining in such cases.

Is your outdoor unit dusty?

The evaporator takes all the hot air from our room to the condenser. From there the hot air is converted into cold air for us. But the evaporator and condenser cannot work together to cool you down if the outdoor unit is dirty and clogged. Dirt and debris accumulate and hence block the passage of heat and cold air transfer.

Choose the best filter

Now you understand the nightmare rated to a dirty and clogged filter, coils, and duct but also make sure to opt for the accurate filter for your equipment that fits the manufacturer’s specification. If you have got it wrong then it creates the same disturbances as a dirty filter one. Make sure to replace it as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

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