Is it time to replace your HVAC system?

Air conditioners without a doubt are important investments in our life for our homes. It is a selfish need on our part to use it to its fullest before repairing or replacing it. To an extent, we can repair or upgrade it but when the components become so outdated there is no other way than to replace HVAC system. In that way, you must keep in your mind that you are having a smart investment by replacing it and not by spending double the amount that the equipment than itself.

However you run away from replacement, there comes a time that you cant proceed with replacing it at all. The causes come with poor air quality, high energy bills, and so on. If you are in Dubai and require the best HVAC companies in Dubai then you can contact us for inquiries. 

Top signs that your home is ready to replace HVAC system 

So when do you understand it’s time to replace the system? Continue reading to find out! Through this blog, we will help you get through this doubtful phase.

Your AC system is old

Do you think that your AC system is old? Is it 10 years old or more? If the answer is yes then it is high time that you change the HVAC system. Think back to when did you install your AC? People are always asked to change their system every 10 to 15 years because major components of the system might have gone bad by that time. Modern HVAC systems are durable but not the case with old systems. The deteriorating rate depends upon how you used it and how well you maintained it. 

Also, note that HVAC systems that are too old contain an item which is refrigerant known as R-22 which is harmful to the health of the environment. Also, it is highly outdated and you should replace it with a great option. It is wise for you to upgrade to a new unit that is environmentally friendly. Modern units help you reduce your carbon footprint and also help you save electricity bills.

Increased repair cost

Have you ever felt like your repair cost is highly-priced than the equipment itself? If that is so, stop right there with your HVAC system because you are doing it wrong. You might be in a situation like I don’t have money to spend on a new one but on the other hand, you might be spending a lot more than when you bought the product. So it is a clever way to invest your money in a new HVAC system rather than spending again and again on the old equipment and get it installed by Electrical Installation Dubai.

Electricity bills are expensive

Energy bills should be always stable and there might be some months where you had to pay double. It is okay for a month or two but if it keeps on repeating then it is high time you check on your HVAC system. 

It is usual for your old system to act weird when not serviced for a year or two. In such cases, you can serve it to keep it running in good condition. It might be time for quick service but for better performance and as a better investment, you can buy a new one.

Your system fails to maintain the required  temperature

An old HVAC system will always struggle to provide you with a constant temperature in your home. There are several reasons for it and it includes a list of a faulty thermostat, an inaccurate thermostat, low fluid levels, clogged filters, fractured ducts, or major engine damage, among other things.

Inconsistent temperatures usually indicate that your air conditioning system isn’t powerful enough to distribute air throughout your home. This can also mean that your ductwork is built wrong. Keeping such an air conditioning system on will result in an uncomfortable home atmosphere and higher energy bills in any situation.

Hearing strange  sounds

How calming is it to have a quiet HVAC system? On the other hand, you might have an old system that is a little too loud not even allowing you to enjoy the use of the system. As it becomes old and not maintained well, it produces odd sounds like grinding and squealing. Replace HVAC  system as soon as possible if the problem persists.

 Unbearable or strange  smells

An odd smell from your system in a way is telling you that something great is wrong with it. If the origin of the smell is not mere dust then you can turn the system off and get it inspected by an electrician in Dubai. It is essential to contact professionals because the smell might be because of the wire melting away. Moulds can also be a reason for the cause of such smells.

You notice the poor quality of air

We come indoors hoping for good air quality during summers but if you notice low air quality that is when you are doubting your system. If you notice things like mould, mildew, dust, or even humidity, then you ought to change the HVAC system. There is a high chance that you are using damaged equipment and it’s both wasting your time and money. 

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