Signs that you have a water leak

Water leaks are an annoying experience for homeowners. Some are easy to fix and handle while some are hard to spot or hidden inside walls. Act right away on finding the signs of water leak because these signs expose themselves late.

In this blog, we help you detect some early signs of leakages. Noticing and acting upon it will prevent you from potential disaster and from spending further money.

Warning signs of water leak

Wet spots

A topmost sign that you have a water leak is to spot wetness around the floor and walls. If the leak is big then you can find it easy compared to small leaks.

Place your hand over a place of discoloration to spot wetness or moisture, it usually comes with spots of mold.

Another thing to notice is the pools of water in a particular area of your garden ground compared to another area. This signifies that there is a water leak underground. Call in a plumber to check the problem. Approach us for plumbing maintenance Dubai.

Mold patches

Inspect for mold around your shower, if you spot one then sorry you probably have water leaks. The size of the mold tells us about the strength of a leak if it is big then you have a strong leak going on.

Black or white spots will form around the areas that constantly get wet. Mold growth is a fast process, it can fully mature within a day with appropriate conditions like continuous moist surface. It is harmful to those people who already have problems related to respiratory.

Stains on walls or ceilings

Stains appear due to continuous water leaks. It is accompanied by discoloration, mold, and a strong musty smell. It is difficult for us to predict what’s going inside our walls but water stains are a strong indication that you have an undeniable bad water leak.

 Spots found on the ceiling indicates the leak in the roof. If you have a bathroom upstairs then it might be a leak from it. On the other hand ceiling leak won’t show off easily, so if you find one, contact an expert as soon as possible because the condition at the time spotted itself is worse.

Declined water pressure 

Water pressure problems happen because of the buildup of sediments in pipes, faulty valves, and water leaks.  One day you suddenly listen to your family complaining about low water pressure on your shower or faucet. Everything else seems fine from the outside and you don’t know what’s wrong? It’s a dominant sign that you have a water leak. If the pressure is low with the entire house then the leak is somewhere outside the home but if it is only based on a certain bathroom then the leak is near the room. If the situation is out of control, you can contact companies that offer the best plumbing service in Dubai.

High Utility bills

 As usual, one of the household horrors is an unexpected hike in utility bills. It destroys the financial stability that one has maintained for some time.

 You are super confident about your water usage and still, the bills are high, then you should get a professional to inspect the difficulty for you. Water leaks are for the sure ugly reason for the nightmare but don’t worry calmly detect the leaks yourself before reaching out for help.

Please take a note of the toilet leak. It is a major reason for high bills. It is pretty simple to identify just remove the toilet lid and check the cistern.

Another incredible tip is to install a smart meter. It helps you to check whether the meter has gone up even after stopping the water usage.

Unusual noise

It’s a good sign if your plumbing system doesn’t make rattling or hissing noises. Vibration and rattling noise indicate a loose-fitting somewhere in the pipelines. This causes water leaks and hence ends up damaging the walls.

The faucet is all turned off and still hears the noise of running water then contact your plumber to address the situation.

Mouldy smell

Recently you have noticed a strong musty smell but you can’t find any visible mold or spores then it is probably growing under an appliance or a place you can’t necessarily see with a sudden look. Wet and damp areas come with the warning musty smell caused by pools of water, spores, or moulds. 

Damaged appliances

Appliances also leak, you can find a pool of water underneath to find its poor efficiency. Check walls, benches, cupboards to look for stains and discoloration. This is a problem of manufacturers fault, water hosing disconnected from faucets, or usual wear and tear.

Rusty pipes

Galvanized steel pipes are used in old homes. So in such homes, you can find rusty pipes and this is a sign of corrosion. Corrosion will ultimately direct to water leaks. If you find obvious signs of discoloration, stains, flaking, or rusty pipes then the corrosion has taken place. To not worsen up the water leaks replace the pipes to save your time and money.

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