Top warning signs that indicate your sewer line is clogged

The sewer line is actually the most crucial part of the plumbing system. If it gets plugged up, it lends rise to various other dilemmas that can result in major replacements or repairs. To diminish the ravage caused by the major sewer line, you must recognize the crisis at the outset. The sooner you find the problem, the fewer the defect you will encounter and will be able to save it with low hassle and expense. If you prefer to dismiss the signs, things are bound to damage with time. Therefore, you must keep a close eye on your all-around plumbing appliances and maintain a trace of minor problems occurring repeatedly.

 To make things much easier, we have listed down the top signs that indicate a blockage in the major sewer line. If you identify any of them arising in your household, it implies you have to contact the services to solve it right away before the situation worsens and intensifies the resulting damage.

 Frequently Clogged Drain

If you are experiencing periodic problems with the plumbing drain in your household, it implies that there is a big problem taking off inside the main sewer line. This usually occurs in numerous drains simultaneously as one drain blockage does not reflect any serious problem that could probably be in the sewer line. However, if you notice your laundry, toilet, and other plumbing drain getting halted at the exact time, it indicates you have a jam in the main sewer line. You have to get the assistance of professionals for drain cleaning or even for  Technical Services in Dubai.

 Slow Drains and Low Water Pressure

Keep an eye on the ducts when showering, scrubbing dishes, or washing your hands. It’s not unusual for hair to clog the shower drain and stall the water flow. Nonetheless, if you feel a slow drain in numerous areas of the house, you probably have a clog in the main sewer line. Therefore, you have to check your main line if slow drains are a regular topic in your household.

Also, if you see that your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are draining sluggish than their normal speed or the toilet begins to overflow, these are indications you should never overlook. They are pointers of a prominent blockage in your household’s main sewer line. Also, If you see an unexpected drop in water pressure when washing your hands or showering, it might be because of the clog in your mainline. You may also notice water sifting from the bathroom faucet or showerhead when you operate your washing machine.

Gurgling Sound and Funky Smells

 When you notice weird sounds reaching out from places they aren’t supposed to, it clearly implies an issue in the drain system. Especially, if you hear creaks like gurgling it means there is a blockage in the major sewer line. This blockage can be possibly due to the overgrown roots that have come out to your sewer line. Therefore, if you have a large tree rooted near your main sewerage line, there is a big chance that its roots are inducing this dilemma. This is a normal incident when you have an aged plumbing system.

 So, if your sewer is assembled of clay, the roots will get inside the duct through the pipe hookups. This will ultimately obstruct the line, resulting in unusual noises. Also, have you ever noticed an awful odor coming from your tub, sink, or drains in the basement? This sewage smell is another sign that indicates you have a clogged sewer line. Also, keep an eye out for sewage being shoved back up through pipes in the sink or on the ground.

Flooded Yard

Water accumulating in your yard could be another sign that indicates your main line is clogged. As sewer lines are concealed several feet underground, you may not identify the issues at first. Warnings of a sewer line clogging encompass standing water in your yard and a weird smell. To know the issues before they incite violent damage, it is significant that you stay highly watchful and take steps to observe the clues pointing towards the crisis. So, make a habit of peeking around the surface of your home and in the cellar to inspect where the sewer cleanout is.

Once you have found it, investigate the region near it to inspect any sewage outflow or any suggestion of leakage. If you see any indications, it implies you have to contact the service for drain cleaning and resolve the issue for you. There might be a blockage in the main sewer line.




Drain cleaning can be an exhausting task. If you want to prevent any plumbing-related problems in your household, you must have a well-maintained and daily-inspected plumbing system. A sewer clog is not a borderline plumbing issue that you can deal with yourself using tools like plunge or with a pair of drain cleaning chemicals. You must seek the assistance of professionals to drain clean and assist you in settling the crisis. Contact us, for professional Plumbing Service & Maintenance Dubai. Our services are available 24/7 to help you out anytime.

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