Different types of plumbing pipes for your home

There are a variety of plumbing pipes available in the market for commercial and residential constructions. Each pipe installation depends upon its use and the location where it is installed. The differences in choosing a pipe depend upon the size and suitability. Some people also consider money as a factor of selection. Earlier there was no much selection, the only thing people trusted and bought was galvanized pipes. But now it’s not the case we have a dozen types to choose from and so it got more confusing of what to choose and where to install.

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Types of plumbing pipes

Now let us introduce you to rexogin some beneficial information on plumbing pipes and their respective uses.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes otherwise Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes are commonly utilized for drain, vent and waste lines, hot and cold water lines, and also suitable for sewage applications. One of the advantages of PVC pipes is that it is very light and easy to use. Electricians prefer to choose this as an option than galvanized steel pipes because of its lightweight benefit. We get it in different thicknesses and compositions from the market according to our desired usage and installation. So first of all understand your need and location to choose a PVC pipe. It is also affordable and is used instead of steel and copper because of the work efficiency. 

Rigid Copper Pipe

Rigid Copper Pipes are extremely durable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant. Because of all these benefits, people trust in using copper pipes widely. The traditional type of pipes works well on both hot and cold water. We always prefer it because there are no health dangers associated with it. It can also withstand high pressures and the pipe even though rigid is also bent on giving strength. We can also recycle the pipe waste for further use but it’s a bit expensive considering other ones. You need experts to help with soldering the thing. But don’t worry, you can rely on us if you are around in Dubai. Call us for plumbing installation in Dubai.

PEX Pipes

PEX pipes also known as cross-linked polyethylene are a super-hit choice among plumbers. It is only used to supply water and can withstand high water pressure. You can save money because of its affordable price in the market. Plumbers love it because it cuts easily and is also easy to work with. 90 degree curves are possible with it, so it is one of the best flexible type pipes. Another interesting fact is that it comes up in color-coded. That means red for hot water, blue for cold water, and white for either hot or cold. How cool is that?

ABS Pipes

ABS pipes look quite similar to PVC pipes but it is kinda the older type of PVC pipes. It is mainly used for vent and drain lines, comes in black color, and is slightly softer and stronger than PVC pipes. It is best suited to work in cold temperatures and for underground exterior use.

Flexible Copper Pipe

Ideally used for water running into refrigerators and heaters and some sinks. It is commonly used for short runs and easily cut with a hacksaw It is made to bend to fit around corners. But one of the negatives is that it is costly. Not only that it is thin and prone to breaking according to experts. It doesn’t hold up in extreme temperatures so it’s better to avoid it for outdoor usage.

Galvanized Steel Pipes

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when talking about plumbing pipes is Galvanized steel pipes but it is not a normal thing now. They are strong but not recommended for new homes and DIY installations. Earlier people used it for drainage, water supply, gas supply, etc but not widely used now. This type is threaded at both ends and is connected using connecting joints. The cons of the particular pipes are that it eventually corrodes and blocks flowing of water.

Cast Iron Pipes

Like Galvanized steel pipes, Cast Iron pipes are also not a thing now but it is still found in rare cases for sewer and drainage purposes. They are manufactured as bell and spigot types and come with threaded joints. It runs for a considerable amount of time until it fully rusts. They are difficult to cut and heavy to use so they are conveniently replaced by ABS pipes.

Stainless Steel Pipes

This type is used in areas that are extremely prone to corrosion like coastal regions. Flexible and rigid types are accessible in the market. To attach it with other types of pipe, you will require special couplings. It is costly and available in different sizes and lengths.

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